Export control: compliance code of practice

Guidance for exporters to help in complying with strategic export control legislation.


Compliance Code of Practice


This code helps exporters to be aware of, understand and comply with the law relating to strategic export controls. It was drawn up in close consultation with industry and is based on existing best practice already followed by exporters. The emphasis is on practical and relevant measures that simplify licensing procedures and comply with the law.

The code describes how you can:

  • gain a firm commitment to compliance from you and your staff
  • identify staff responsible for export control issues
  • provide information and training to all staff involved with export matters
  • put in place internal compliance procedures
  • train staff to recognise and report suspicious orders
  • implement effective record keeping and internal audit procedures
  • integrate export control compliance procedures with existing quality management practices

Read guidance on compliance and enforcement of export controls.

Published 23 November 2012