Charities and meetings (CC48)

Information about running, planning and recording meetings and what types of meetings a charity can have.

Applies to England and Wales


Charities and meetings


Your charity’s governing document will usually say what meetings your charity must hold, how and when. Most meetings just involve the trustees, but if your charity has members, they will be involved in some meetings such as an annual general meeting (AGM). Things to bear in mind when running charity meetings include:

  • giving notice of a meeting
  • making sure a quorum is present (the minimum number of people to keep the meeting valid)
  • declaring conflicts of interest
  • who can see the minutes

This guidance explains to charity trustees, particularly the chair and secretary, how to run meetings legally and effectively. It covers general points such as the role of the chair, and also how to run specific types of meeting like an AGM.

Published 1 March 2012