CAP Reform: December 2014 update

Latest information about new CAP schemes in England, including how to qualify as an active farmer, applying for entitlements and what land is eligible for Basic Payment Scheme.



Each of our CAP Reform Countdown leaflets is designed to be read as part of a series of updates and to build on the one before it. When full guidance for each of the CAP schemes is published, it will replace some of what’s in these leaflets.

You can find a list of published guidance – covering Basic Payment Scheme and Rural Development Programme schemes – at

Get the latest information about the Basic Payment Scheme and Rural Development Programme.

Read about:

  • active farmer rule – the ‘readmission criteria’
  • new entitlements – how to get them if you are a young or new farmer
  • land eligibility – features and activities that might affect your BPS claim
  • money available under the Rural Development Programme – latest news

This also covers all the information we have about ‘Countryside Stewardship’, the new environmental land management scheme. It replaces and updates the previous leaflet about Countryside Stewardship, which was published on GOV.UK.

We have also published an updated version of ‘Countryside Stewardship: Proposed payment rates (including capital items)’.

More information will be published as schemes are finalised.

Published 19 December 2014