Research and analysis

Bovine TB: surveillance in wildlife in England

Report on the TB surveillance in wildlife in England from 2016 to 2018.



These documents contain results from the TB surveillance of badgers and other wildlife in England.

2018 surveillance report (Eastern Cumbria): Shows the results from surveillance of badger carcases removed from the eastern Cumbria badger control area during 2018. Infected badgers were found in the area and the results will be used to inform future control measures in both badgers and cattle in the wider TB Hot Spot area (HS21).

2016 surveillance report: In 2016, a sample of cage-trapped badger carcasses were collected from badger control areas undergoing their first or fourth year of culling. Infected badgers were found in all areas. Further details on viability of carcasses and genotyping of samples is contained in the report. Also included is an update on the TB surveillance of ‘found-dead’ wildlife in eastern Cumbria within the Low Risk Area. Infected badgers have been found in the area and collection of carcasses is still on-going. Information on the genotyping of TB strains is included in the report.

Published 21 March 2019