Policy paper

Accelerated access review: government response

How the government will improve patient access to breakthrough technologies and treatments in response to recommendations by the AAR.



The Accelerated Access Review (AAR) made a series of recommendations to enable the NHS to:

  • improve patient outcomes
  • use the UK’s strong biosciences research and life sciences industrial base
  • enhance the international competitiveness of our life sciences industry

The government’s response sets out how government will work with industry and the health system to create an approvals system so that cost-effective breakthrough products can get to NHS patients as fast as possible.

This response includes:

  • an ‘accelerated access collaborative’ to bring breakthrough products to market and then to patients as quickly as possible
  • £86 million of government funding to support innovators and the NHS in overcoming barriers to getting new, innovative technologies to patients quickly
  • improved NHS England commercial capacity and capability to deliver deals that achieve better value for the NHS and innovators
Published 3 November 2017
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