Academies land and buildings collection tool

Guide to help academy trusts and diocesan users submit their land and buildings collection tool to the ESFA.



Accessing the land and buildings collection tool (LBCT)

Please use this link for the LBCT online form. The deadline for submissions was 5 November 2018. The link will stay open for academy trusts who have not yet completed their return.

If you’re having difficulties accessing the form please see this registration guidance page.

If you are having difficulties loading the LBCT form please check you have either the latest browser downloaded or try using an alternative browser. To find out more about internet browsers please see this helpful guide.

LBCT 2018

We have updated 2018 guidance documents for the LBCT 2018 release this year. These include a summary guidance document for academy trust users, guidance for diocesan users and the example workbook.

If your academy trust has ‘church owned land’ recorded in you LBCT return please read the summary guidance as there are important changes this year to note.

You can also view the live webinar we recorded on 10 October 2018 - this includes an introduction, demo of the LBCT online form and a Q&A session at the end.

LBCT Webinar 2018

Registering to access the LBCT

The online form uses the IDAMs registration service to grant users access to the online forms and trusts must be registered and set up to use the service before they can access the form.

Read this guide on how to register and set up the online forms for the LBCT.


We have published an updated LBCT workbook. This can be tailored to your own circumstances by deleting sections that you don’t need. If you have used the workbook last year you won’t need to complete another. There are a few small updates in the form but nothing that will require any significant rework and you don’t have to complete this again.

You can’t use the workbook to submit your trust’s LBCT. You must use the online form.

How to contact us if you have queries

As the deadline has now passed, we will be contacting academy trusts that have not yet submitted their return to the ESFA directly. If you’re having difficulties submitting your return please see the ESFA questions section below.

ESFA questions

If you have any questions about the LBCT, please contact us using our enquiry form. Please put “LBCT” at the top of the form.

Further guidance

We have also recorded an introductory video explaining all about the LBCT return.

introductory video explaining what the LBCT is.

Published 10 July 2017
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  1. Updated the webpage to reflect that the LBCT return deadline has passed and to update the 'how to contact us' with the academy questions details.
  2. Page updated to reinstate the link to the online form for the land and buildings collection tool (LBCT).
  3. Please note: The online form for the academies land and buildings collection tool (LBCT) is currently unavailable due to technical issues. We expect to restore the system by 10am on 31 October 2018.
  4. Due to essential maintenance, the LBCT online form will be unavailable this weekend from 7am on Saturday 20 October to 8am on Monday 22 October. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.
  5. We have added the webinar recording and updated the guidance document
  6. We have added tutorial videos for how to add an occupation and asset to your LBCT return.
  7. Updated with a link to the land and building collection tool (LBCT) online form which is now live for academy trusts to use to complete and submit their LBCT return by 5 November 2018. Please sign-up for our [LBCT webinar]( on 10 October 2018 where you'll get further guidance about the LBCT.
  8. We have add extra details to the LBCT guidance documents and included details of the LBCT webinar on 10 October 2018. The form will go live 1 October 2018 and needs to be completed and submitted to the DfE by the 5 Novemeber 2018.
  9. We've updated the LBCT guidance to include a diocesan user guidance document, this will provide further information for academies with church owned land and for diocesan users.
  10. Summary guidance for academy trusts about the land and buildings collection tool. The return will open 1 October 2018 and has a deadline to be submitted to the ESFA by 5 November 2018
  11. Updated the LBCT page to add an introductory guidance video
  12. We've updated this page to include the most recent LBCT webinar which took place on 19 October.
  13. Updated with information for academy trusts with church schools occupying church-owned land.
  14. Updated with revised guidance for completing the land and buildings collection tool
  15. Updated attachments to change the terminology for a 'right of use' occupation to 'customary occupation' and 'leasehold improvement' to 'alteration of non-freehold land/building' to match the language in the online form.
  16. First published.