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Cyrchu’r data

Creu eich adroddiadau eich hunain o’r data gyda’n teclyn UK House Price Index tool.

Darllenwch ein hadroddiadau Mynegai Prisiau Tai y DU a llwythwch y data i lawr.

Published 14 Mehefin 2016
Last updated 13 Chwefror 2018 + show all updates
  1. Section 1.1 updated to reflect the removal of the UK HPI experimental status. Section 10: the Office for National Statistics announced publication changes for prices statistics from April 2018. We have updated the UK HPI publication calendar to reflect this.
  2. Section 9 updated, due to additional data being made available via the UK House Price Index search tool
  3. Improvement to the calculation of provisional estimates within the UK House Price Index.
  4. Section 8.1, section 8.2 and section 8.6 updated to reflect the new volume data available for property status (new build and existing property) and funding status (cash and mortgage) in our downloadable data tables.
  5. New guidance about comparing house price indices in the UK, added.
  6. Updated section 4.4 to add an example and information about the new register, also section 11 to remove the list of pre-release access.
  7. Section 1.1: update regarding experimental statistic status. Section 4.4 update to reflect changes to the UK HPI revision policy. Section 6: added details for House Price Statistics for Small Areas. Section 8.2: added explanation of the headers for the data downloads tables.
  8. Information about the ‘Revision to the UK HPI data’ added.
  9. Three dates corrected for 2018 in 'Section 10. Calendar release dates': 13 to 12 June, 18 to 17 July, and 15 to 14 August.
  10. Publication dates up to September 2018 added.
  11. Section 4.2: Calculating the standard average price: information about geometric mean and an example added.
  12. Welsh version added.
  13. UK HPI release dates from October 2016 to May 2017 added.
  14. First published.