British nationals overseas

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Advice for Travellers

We publish advice to help Britons enjoy safer overseas travel and explain how we can help if things go wrong. If you would like to order hard copies of any of these publications you can do so by:

  • UK orders: email your order (include leaflet title, quantity and delivery address) to: fcoleaflets@tso.co.uk or call 08444 777 399
  • Overseas orders: contact the British Embassy, High Commission or Consulate of the country that you are in

Our Consular Assistance team in London can be reached on 020 7008 1500 (+44 20 7008 1500 from abroad). This number operates 24 hours a day.

Our customer charter sets out our commitment to providing a high level of service to you and what we ask from you in return.

Checklist for travellers gives advice on how to carry and secure money while you travel, including guidance on the safety of your passport, stolen items and consular assistance.

Support for British nationals abroad: a guide provides information on the support and advice we can give to British nationals, including information on terrorist attacks and major catastrophes.

Death overseas provides information for friends and relatives, explaining what practical support British consular staff can offer you and what you need to do yourself.

Disabled travellers provides general information on staying safe overseas and what help you can receive if you do get into difficulties.

Emergency Travel Document explains what to do if your passport has been lost or stolen or is otherwise unavailable and you’re abroad.

Guide for bereaved families is for families and friends of British nationals who die overseas. As laws and local custom vary widely from country to country this guidance is therefore general.

Going to live abroad Going to live abroad is a major decision and you should obtain a wide range of information and advice before you go. This leaflet provides tips and sources of information as a general guide.

In prison abroad explains what the British Consulate can and cannot do for you, what you should do for yourself and information for relatives.

Know Before You Go is an FCO campaign which helps travellers have a safe and enjoyable holiday by encouraging them to be better prepared before going.

Mental health helps British nationals experiencing difficulties abroad, providing mental health information.

Missing persons abroad explains what practical help our consular staff can offer you, what you may wish to do yourself, and where you can go for additional help when a relative or friend goes missing abroad.

Rape and sexual assault abroad While most visits abroad are trouble-free, we are becoming more aware of people being sexually assaulted whilst they are overseas. This leaflet provides advice if you think you have been raped, sexually assaulted or drugged and for when you are returning home.

Victims of crime abroad explains what we can do for you and what you may need to do for yourself.

Visiting friends and family checklist. A checklist to help you prepare when visiting friends and family overseas.