Older people

Supporting detail:

Working with local and regional representatives

We’re encouraging organisations to work together in local and regional areas of the UK to:

  • identify common themes that need to be brought to the attention of national government
  • provide direction and leadership on local and regional issues affecting older people
  • help spread good practice locally

The following links give details of local and regional activity. Each area sends representatives to the UK Advisory Forum on Ageing.

English Forums on Ageing:

The 'English Forums on Ageing: a first step in good practice' (PDF, 48.3KB, 6 pages) gives examples of what an English forum on ageing may comprise and how it might operate.

You can read more about the English Forums on Ageing in their newsletter AGEnda.

DWP and the UK Advisory Forum on Ageing have published a series of guides commissioned by the English Forums on Ageing. The guides bring together ideas and good practice to help meetings with older people go as smoothly as possible, based on the experiences of members.

DWP supports, and is a member of The Age Action Alliance - an independent partnership of organisations, which has adopted a new approach to the challenges of ageing, with an emphasis on finding practical solutions to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged older people. It currently has over 300 member organisations drawn from all sectors of society.

Our ‘Later life’ newsletters give the latest news on policy changes, good practice and initiatives and how they affect older people.