Plan your retirement income

Working past State Pension age

You might decide that you don’t want to stop working when you reach State Pension age.

If you do, you’ll no longer have to pay National Insurance.

The law protects you against discrimination if you’re over State Pension age and want to stay in your job or get a new one.

Staying in your job

There is no official retirement age and you usually have the right to work as long as you want to.

There are some circumstances when employers may have the right to set a compulsory retirement age that they choose.

Your employer can’t make you redundant because of your age.

Getting a new job

You don’t have to give your date of birth when applying for a new job. Employers can’t make you give this information if you don’t want to.

Employers also can’t set an age limit for a job, unless they can justify it (for example because of certain physical abilities) or it’s a limit set by law, eg for the fire service.

You can request flexible working at any age.