Age Positive

This collection brings together all documents relating to Age Positive.

DWP’s Age Positive initiative brings together research and information from employers on effectively managing an ageing workforce of all generations. Download and use this information freely in communications and in connection with supporting employers.

Employing older workers: an employer’s guide to today’s multi-generational workforce answers employer questions and issues concerning recruitment, performance, succession management, retention and transfer of skills, bringing on younger workers, and retirement. It offers good practice solutions tried and tested by employers of various sectors and sizes.

Employer case studies: employing older workers for an effective multi-generational workforce has over 30 real life examples, showing how employers of various sectors and sizes have made the best of the opportunities and effectively managed the issues presented by an ageing workforce. They offer practical examples and transferable experience.

The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas) provides free advice for employers on employment legislation including advice on age and the workplace.

The Age Action Alliance has produced a resources pack to help employers manage the health and on-going productivity of an ageing workforce.

Research on age and employment

The following publications provide background research on age and employment:

Statistical information

The following publications have statistical information about age and employment:

Age Positive logo and other guidance

  1. Age Positive logo

    • 15 April 2013
    • Promotional material
  2. Employing older workers: an employer’s guide to today’s multi-generational workforce

    • 8 February 2013
    • Guidance
  3. Graphs showing older worker employment nationally and by sector

    • 7 February 2013
    • Statistics