Older people

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Supporting international activity to improve the lives of older people

We are working with other countries and international organisations to help improve the lives of older people in an ageing society.

Madrid international plan of action on ageing - the 10 commitments

We have signed up to the ‘Madrid international plan of action on ageing’ that sets out the 10 commitments agreed by governments to bring about the changes needed to address the challenges and opportunities of an ageing society.

The 10 commitments are:

  • to consider ageing as part of all government policy
  • to help older people participate in society
  • to promote equitable and sustainable economic growth in response to population ageing
  • to adjust social protection systems in response to demographic change and their social and economic consequences
  • to enable labour markets to respond to economic and social consequences of population ageing
  • to promote life-long learning and adapt the educational system in order to meet the changing economic, social and demographic conditions
  • to ensure quality of life at all ages to maintain independent living including health and wellbeing
  • to mainstream a gender approach in an ageing society
  • to support families that provide care for older persons and promote intergenerational and intra-generational solidarity among their members
  • to promote the implementation and follow-up of the regional implementation strategy through regional co-operation

The Madrid plan of action regional implementation strategy provides a framework of commitments that support states to respond adequately to the challenges and opportunities of population ageing to achieve a society for all ages.

The ‘Madrid plan of action: monitoring the regional implementation strategy’ website includes international, national and regional age-related policies and strategies, implementation activities, indicators and country facts and figures, publications and information about relevant networks and non-governmental organisations.

The ‘UK follow up to the Madrid plan of action 2011’ provides an update on what the UK government is doing to implement the 10 commitments in the Madrid plan.

Ministers from member states of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) attended a conference in Vienna on 19-20 September 2012 where:

Following the conference, the UNECE Working Group on Ageing held its 5th meeting at the UN in Geneva on 22-23 November 2012. The group agreed the work programme for 2012 to 2017 in response to the declarations, as well as reviewing the implementation of the Madrid plan.

Find out more about what the UNECE is doing to improve the lives of older people.

Guiding principles for active ageing and solidarity between generations

On 6 December 2012 the Council of the European Union adopted a ‘Declaration on the European year for active ageing and solidarity between generations: the way forward’. This includes in the annex the ‘Guiding principles for active ageing and solidarity between generations’ which was jointly agreed by the Social Protection Committee and the Employment Committee.