Older people

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Helping older people most at risk of longer-term loneliness and social isolation to remain active

On 23 November 2010, the Minister for Pensions announced that the government would provide a £1 million fund to help older people who are at most risk of longer-term loneliness and social isolation. It aimed to help them to remain active, independent and positively engaged with society following retirement.

Local community organisations in 30 areas bid for grants of £250 to £3,000. DWP worked in partnership with the Community Development Foundation (CDF) to manage the bids.

We awarded funding to 459 initiatives. Successful bidders recruited at least 1 volunteer ‘Active at 60 Community Agent’ with the flexibility to design innovative ways to encourage and inspire activity to help improve people’s later lives. Active at 60 Community Agents will help people within their communities:

  • take the first step in trying something new
  • understand how they will benefit from being more active, engaged and contributing to their communities
  • build social contacts to help being active part of their routine

Approximately 2,800 Community Agents were created as a result.

The project was independently evaluated to provide evidence to encourage other areas and local communities.