Research at NMO

We carry out and commission research relating to the National Measurement System and the International System of Units (SI).

Our National Measurement System (NMS) is the UK’s national network of measurement laboratories. The NMS offers world-class measurement science and technology, and provides traceable, accurate standards of measurement for use in trade, industry, academia and government.

NMS strategy 2011 to 2015

The NMS strategy: 2011 to 2015, describes how we will provide confidence in measurement standards and outlines innovative techniques we will develop.

Our research programmes

The NMS leads a number of science programmes to help make the NMS more effective and to use measurement to meet the needs of industry.

Our programmes provide core support for the development and maintenance of the (SI) system, including re-definition of the SI units. The ongoing research deals with national challenges facing the UK.

Review the NMS’s science programme reports.