About our services

Information about our online services and the contact forms you need to complete tasks.

Log in to continue a task

You can log in to Charity Commission online services to finish a task you’ve already started, such as:

  • an annual return
  • updating your charity or trustees details
  • continuing your application to register a charity

Request a new or replacement password

If you are an established, registered charity you can request a new or replacement password online.

You’ll need to enter your charity number and the password will be emailed to the address we have on file.

If you are applying to register a charity and need a new password, you can request it through our online service.

Complete your annual return

You can read how to prepare complete your annual return online.

Charities with financial years ending on 31 March 2017 must submit a return by 31 January 2018, no later than 10 months after the end of their financial year.

Change your charity details

Our online service allows you to contact us and request changes to your charity details. You can use this service to change:

  • contact details
  • email addresses (for the public and for the Charity Commission to contact you)
  • trustee details
  • website address
  • financial year end
  • where your charity operates
  • the charity’s classifications - what it does, who it helps and how it does it
  • the description of your charity’s activities
  • bank or building society account details

Change a charity name

Read guidance and use our e-form to request a change to a charity name. This form will be updated soon so it will be an end-to-end digital service.

Change your governing document

Read guidance and use our e-form to request a change to a governing document. This form will be updated soon so it will be an end-to-end digital service.

Close your charity

Read our guidance to find out how to close a charity. You’ll also need to complete the closure form on the guidance page to remove a charity from the register.

Convert a charitable company to a CIO

From 1 January 2018 charitable companies with a yearly income of under £12,500 can use a simple process to change to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).

The process will become available to larger charities in phased stages, you can read more about these changes and view the timetable in our legislative changes guide.

We have also updated our guidance about changing your charity structure to explain how to convert a charitable company to a CIO.

Transfer of assets

Found out how to transfer a charity’s money, investments or property to another charity if it closes, merges or is replaced by a charitable company or CIO.

We have detailed guidance about how to merge or link charities. The guidance page also has a link to our form to submit your request to the Charity Commission.

Apply to add ‘charity’ to a company name

If your organisation isn’t a charity you need to apply for permission to use the word ‘charity’ in a company name. Our policy about names explains what you should consider and how to apply.

If your organisation is a charity, we have separate guidance to help you choose a charity name.

Get a charity registration certificate

This document proves that your organisation is a registered charity. You may need a registration certificate when opening a bank account or applying for a grant.

Read our guidance about charity registration certificates and how to apply for one.

Complain about a charity

You should complain to the charity directly unless you are concerned about illegal activity. All contact points for registered charities are available in the charity register

Read our guidance find out what to do if you need to complain about a charity.

Report a serious incident

If you are a trustee of a registered charity our guidance about reporting serious incidents explains what is classed as a serious incident, and what you need to do.

We will let you know when we’ve received your report, and will assess how you are dealing with the incident.

We will contact you again if we:

  • need more information about the incident
  • need to give you regulatory advice and guidance
  • need to use our legal powers to protect your charity

Charity trustee disqualification

You can read our guidance about trustee disqualification and check the register of removed trustees.

Ask us to review a decision we’ve made

Our complaints procedure explains what you need to do if you want the Charity Commission to review a decision.


Charity employees can report concerns about certain categories of serious wrongdoing at their charity to the Charity Commission.

Read our whistleblowing guidance to find out more about the process and how to get in touch with the Charity Commission.

Buy, sell, lease, mortgage or transfer charity land and property

Find out how to follow charity law and what to do when you need to buy, sell, lease, mortgage or transfer charity land and property.

Sell or lease property to someone connected to your charity

Find out how about selling or leasing charity property and how to complete the online request form.

Apply to transfer property to Official Custodian

Read our guidance to find out how to ask the Official Custodian for Charities to hold the title to your charity’s land on your behalf.

Spend or transfer permanent endowment

Permanent endowment is money or property that was originally meant to be held by a charity forever.

Our guidance explains the processes around permanent endowment, and how to apply for consent to spend it.

Apply to make a moral (ex gratia) payment

Charities can only spend their money on projects or activities that support the aims stated in their governing documents. But there may be times when trustees feel they should make a payment out of a moral obligation.

Read about how charities can make moral (ex gratia) payments.

How to pay trustees

Read about the rules for paying charity trustees and how to request permission from the Charity Commission.

Charity advisers: how to submit accounts for a client charity

The charity must first authorise you to submit its accounts. Once the charity has done this (it takes 1 day for it to take effect) and its accounts are prepared and agreed by the trustees:

  • register to use this service - you’ll receive an email with login details and an 8 character password
  • log in - you’ll see a list of charities that have authorised you to submit their accounts
  • click on a charity’s name to upload its accounts as a PDF file

If you don’t see a charity you expect, ask the charity to check it authorised the correct email address (the one you used to register for the service) at least 1 day ago.

Help with online forms and services

If you need help to use a form or online service you can contact us by telephone.

We also have a general enquiries form. If you contact us using this form we aim to respond within 15 working days.