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Supporting local businesses, sustaining regulatory services

The Local Government Association is to host a conference to showcase the work of council regulatory services in supporting local businesses.


The Local Government Association is to host a conference later this month - ‘Supporting local businesses, sustaining regulatory services’, for local councillors to showcase the work of local authority regulatory services in supporting local businesses.

Regulatory services are responsible for a huge proportion of businesses contact with councils (and are often the sole face-to-face contact), and the conference will hear about what councils have done to promote an ethos of business support throughout these services.

The conference will hear from business representatives about the positive impact that regulators can have in helping local businesses to thrive and grow, and what councils can do to support individual businesses and work with the wider business community.

It will also hear about the work of the Better Business for All programme. More than 200 councils are now involved in this programme, which brings together businesses and local regulators to shape good regulation in their areas.

In addition, there will also be reference to Talking Business, an initiative to encourage local authority communications teams to promote the contribution made by regulatory officers to business support and economic growth. A workshop specially for communications officers will be held on Thursday, February 25th - email for information and bookings.

Finally, there will also be an opportunity to take part in a new interactive training session developed by Breckland Training Services with the LGA. The objective of the session is to help participants understand the business experience of regulation - and how a supportive approach can help rather than hinder – and therefore the importance of council regulatory services in engaging with local businesses.

The conference details are available online.

Published 11 January 2016