Press release

Press briefing: morning 1 November 2013

The Prime Minister’s Spokesperson (PMS) answered questions on water bills, the NHS, RBS, devolved powers and the HS2 extension.

This was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government


Water bills

Asked whether the Prime Minister (PM) was concerned about water bills, the PMS said the PM wanted to see household bills coming down as he understood the pressures on hard working families. The PM wanted regulators to make sure the industry was delivering what they should for consumers.

NHS payoffs

Asked about payoffs given to some NHS Trust managers, the PMS said the Health Secretary had given a statement on the matter and the PM agreed with it. There should be restraint shown in senior management pay and the Department of Health would need to look at various contracts to assess the possibility of clawing back some payoffs.

Brooks/Coulson trial

Asked about the trial of Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks, the PMS said he would not comment on the trial.

Royal Bank of Scotland

Asked when the PM thought RBS should be privatised, the PMS said the PM agreed with the comments from the Chancellor that morning.

Devolved powers

Asked whether the PM would consider giving London devolved powers, the PMS said the PM’s focus today was on giving Wales increased powers for taxation and borrowing.

HS2 extension

Asked whether the PM thought an extension to HS2 was not as urgent as other matters, the PMS said the PM wanted to see HS2 built because of the economic benefits it would bring to the country. His priority was to get the current legislation through the Commons to enable the scheme to start.

Published 2 November 2013