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Plating up for Christmas

90 personalised registrations were purchased from DVLA before 9am on Christmas Day 2018, proving it's never too late to pick up the perfect last minute gift.

A number plate with the personalised registration XM14 SSS

With the countdown to Christmas Day looming, DVLA is today reminding people still looking for a gift for their loved one that it’s never too late to pick up the perfect personalised registration online.

Last year over 600 people bought a personalised registration from DVLA between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, with 90 of those purchasing on Christmas Day before 9am.

DVLA sold more than 32,000 personalised registrations between 1 and 25 December 2018.

DVLA Chief Executive Julie Lennard said:

With millions of registrations available to suit all tastes, and with prices starting at £250, there’s still time to find that perfect present - even if it is on Christmas morning.

A personalised registration with the person’s name may be the ideal gift as 3 out of 4 motorists said they would prefer a registration that bears their name.

The top 3 search terms on the DVLA Personalised Registrations website are currently ‘Sam’, ‘Dan’ and ‘Tom’, but no matter what a person is called they can search for their ideal personalised registration online.

Notes to editors:

90 purchases were made on Christmas Day 2018 between midnight and 8:59am and 544 purchases were made on Christmas Eve 2018 between midnight and 11:59pm.

The 3 in 4 motorists saying they would prefer a personalised registration bearing their name is taken from responses to a DVLA survey.

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Published 20 December 2019