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HMRC's top 5 tips for completing your tax return

Ruth Owen, Director General Personal Tax, HMRC, has shared the top 5 tips for completing your Self Assessment return.


HM Revenue and Customs’ (HMRC) top 5 tips for completing your Self Assessment tax return are:

  • Get started – don’t leave it to the last minute and don’t miss the deadline (midnight on 31 January)
  • Have all your papers ready – for example:
    • if you are employed, your P60 or your P11D (if you have one)
    • if you are self-employed, your accounts and records of expenses
    • if you have savings, any records of interest received
  • Don’t forget to press the ‘Submit’ button (you may need to scroll down the page to press the button) and wait for your confirmation code
  • Don’t forget to pay – it is the payment deadline and not just the tax return deadline. There are many ways to pay HMRC, with all the details available online
  • Keep in touch – follow us on Twitter for advice and alerts about when it is a good time to call us

Log in and file your Self Assessment online on GOV.UK:

Published 31 January 2015