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Foreign Secretary statement on Syrian peace talks and ongoing violence

Statement by the Foreign Secretary following the latest round of Syrian peace talks in Geneva.


Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said:

The Intra-Syrian peace talks can only succeed if both sides are prepared to discuss political transition, the cessation of hostilities is respected and full humanitarian access is granted for those areas in desperate need. Despite the best efforts of the UN Special Envoy to keep up momentum, making progress is becoming increasingly difficult.

The regime continues to block and delay humanitarian access to besieged areas such as Daraya and removes vital medical supplies from those convoys that are allowed through. The Cessation of Hostilities also continues to be violated, in the overwhelming majority of cases by the Asad regime, which in the past week has bombed hospitals, schools, markets, and a search and rescue centre.

Now is the time for those with influence to apply real pressure to end this spiral of violence. Russia has set itself up as the protector of the Asad regime, so it has a duty to bring its full influence to bear. The UK will continue to support the Syrian people to secure their future, free from Asad, and push for progress with our international partners.

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Published 28 April 2016