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Get ready for Brexit: Advice for individuals and businesses in Wales

Use this page to navigate the latest guidance from across the UK Government ahead of the UK’s departure from the European Union

Text: Be ready for Brexit.

Get ready for Brexit

Find all the latest general information on

Prepare for Brexit if you live in the UK

Visiting Europe

Includes passports, driving and travel, pets and mobile roaming fees.

Studying in the EU

Includes Erasmus+ and other options for higher education study abroad.

Family law disputes in the EU

Includes divorce and disputes about parental responsibility or child maintenance.

EU citizens in the UK

If you’re an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen, you and your family can apply to the EU Settlement Scheme to continue living in the UK after 30 June 2021. If your application is successful, you’ll get either settled or pre-settled status.

Find out what you need to do and by when.

UK citizens in the EU

There will be no change to your rights and status as a UK national living in the EU until after Brexit. You can still work, access healthcare and collect your pension as you do now.

Find out more information and actions you need to take depending on the country you’re living in.


Prepare your business or organisation for Brexit

You’ll need to answer 7 questions to get guidance about:

  • what your business or organisation may need to do to prepare for Brexit;
  • what’s changing in your industry; and
  • information on specific rules and regulations.

You can also search GOV.UK for information that has been published so far for your business to prepare for Brexit and sign up to receive emails when new information is published.

Published 23 August 2019
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