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Crime news: Further update on 2015 Duty Provider Crime contracts

Injunction lifted as Court of Appeal rules that the consultation and tender processes are lawful.


Following the Court of Appeal’s decision today that the Duty Provider Contract tender process and consultation are lawful, the Invitation to Tender for those organisations eligible to apply for a Duty Provider Contract will continue on Friday 27 March 2015 and will close at 12 noon on Tuesday 5 May 2015.

The High Court judgment in February this year ruled that the consultation and tender process were lawful. The injunction was temporarily extended while a decision was made whether the claimants could seek leave to appeal this decision, which was granted, and the tender remained on hold until the appeal judgement was handed down today.

Suspension lifted

Now that the injunction has been lifted and the tender will continue, and we have set a new deadline for tender applications. The closing date for applications has been amended to maintain an overall nine week tender window for this stage of the procurement process.

Work under this contract is now due to start on 11 January 2016. Contract extension notices will be issued in due course to all those holding a 2010 Standard Crime Contract.

Those who choose to tender for a Duty Provider Contract will have technical support from a dedicated team. See contact details below.

The following information is also available to help organisations eligible to tender:

  • Invitation to Tender for 2015 Duty Provider Crime Contract
  • 2015 Duty Provider Crime Contract documentation
  • Indicative (example only) duty rotas for new contracts
  • FAQ

Further information

Published 25 March 2015