2015 Duty Provider Crime Contract

Contract documents for providers delivering criminal legal aid duty services under a 2015 Duty Provider Crime Contract.

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This contract has been superseded by the Standard Crime Contract 2017



Contract documents

These documents contain the terms that providers will be expected to meet under the 2015 Duty Provider Crime Contract. ‘Draft’ watermarks will be retained until service commencement.

The 2015 duty provider crime contract governs the provision of criminal legal aid services.

It consists of 4 documents:

  • Standard terms
  • Specification
  • Schedule
  • Contract for signature

Standard terms

The draft standard terms govern the commercial relationship between the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) and legal aid providers.


This sets out the rules for carrying out publicly funded criminal defence work in England and Wales.

The rates for this work can be found in legal aid legislation.

Sample schedule

This sets out provisions specific to individual providers. Use the sample schedule for illustration as schedules vary between providers.

Sample contract for signature

The contract for signature gives effect to the 2015 contract as a whole. Use the sample contract for signature for illustration as they vary between providers.

Associated contract documents

Category definitions

This sets out the legal definitions of each category of law covered by the 2015 duty provider crime contract.

Supervisor declaration form and guidance

These documents set out the requirements that supervisors must satisfy.

Monthly payment protocol

This document sets out the LAA approach to reconciliation and review and amendment of monthly payments due under the specification of the 2015 duty provider crime contract.

Further documents

Published 1 June 2014
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  1. This document has been superseded by the Crime Contract 2017

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