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Civil news: reminder to go online to accept 2018 civil contracts

Providers need to go into the Contracted Work and Administration (CWA) online portal to ensure they have executed their contract.


All organisations with 2018 civil contracts uploaded into CWA need to go into the system as soon as possible to accept them.

Guidance is available on GOV.UK on how to ‘execute’ your contract within the CWA online portal. This needs to be done by Friday 7 September at the latest.

Why are you telling us this now?

The majority of providers have successfully completed verification under the main tender and have had contracts uploaded. But 262 of these providers have yet to execute their contracts online.

Providers are only able to deliver work under a 2018 civil contract once it has been executed online.

Organisations which have not executed their contract by 7 September 2018 will not be authorised to carry out any further work.

Interim arrangements

There are interim arrangements in place until Friday 7 September to allow specific groups of providers to continue delivering work before their new contracts are accepted.

Guidance is available about these arrangements on the civil 2018 contracts tender page. But you should note that these arrangements only apply to providers:

  • advised by us that their contracts have been verified but who have been unable to execute their contract in CWA

  • who have completed verification but are yet to be assigned account numbers for new offices

Organisations must have evidence from the LAA that their contract has been verified to undertake work under the interim arrangements.

Providers awaiting contract uploads

There are about 350 organisations that bid in the main tender waiting to have their contract uploaded. This breaks down into:

  1. 190 organisations still to provide evidence to successfully verify their tender

  2. 160 organisations either in the process for having contracts uploaded having provided verification information or which have bid in the further face to face procurement process and still have issues to be resolved. We will upload 140 of these contracts in the next 2 days.

Where there are verification issues to be resolved we will contact organisations on a case by case basis.

Further tender

The verification deadline under the further tender is 23.59 on Friday 7 September.

Where an organisation has tendered under the main tender process in addition to the supplemental and/or further tender processes we are continuing to work to identify and resolve any duplication of bids.

Further information

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Published 4 September 2018