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Civil news: Home Office unique client number and asylum work

Reminder to include the Home Office unique client number in cost claims for immigration and asylum work.


The Home Office unique client number (UCN) needs to be included when providers submit cost claims for immigration and asylum work.

Providers should:

  1. make a note of the Home Office UCN on the client’s file
  2. use the UCN in all claims and correspondence with us about the client

It has been a requirement since 2007 to enter the client’s Home Office UCN in any claim for costs. This is set out at 8.26-28 of the 2013 Standard Civil Contract – see below.

UCN essential for claims

Claims that do not use the client’s Home Office UCN will be rejected until the correct number is supplied.

In a small number of cases a Home Office UCN will not be available. For example, the nature of the advice may not have led to any dealings with the Home Office. in such cases ‘A0000000’ can be used instead.

Reporting the case

Providers are further reminded that they need to enter a valid Home Office UCN when reporting the case.

Periodic checks will be carried out to ensure this is happening.

This requirement is set out in a July 2015 amendment to the Standard Civil Contract 2013 at 8.102 and confirmed in the ‘Guidance for reporting controlled work matter’, version 16 – see below.

Further information

Standard Civil Contract 2013 – to download ‘Standard Civil Contract 2013 specification: Immigration and asylum (section 8) (July 2015 amendment)’ (see 8.26-28 and also 8.102)

CWA codes guidance – to download ‘Guidance for reporting controlled work matters’ (see page 85).

Published 21 April 2016