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Charity Fraud Awareness Week (22 – 26 October 2018)

During fraud awareness week we’ll be helping the charity sector become more resilient to fraud.

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This is the third annual Charity Fraud Awareness Week aiming to help you increase resilience against fraud.

More than 40 charities, regulators, professional bodies and other stakeholders are joining forces to help combat fraud targeted against charities.

The main aims of the week are to:

  • raise awareness of the key risks affecting the sector
  • promote and share good counter-fraud practices
  • promote honesty and openness about fraud

Fraud awareness week themes

Each day of national charity fraud week the campaign will focus in on particular topics.

Monday 22 October Cyber fraud (current and emerging threats)
Tuesday 23 October Grant fraud (due diligence and partnership working)
Wednesday 24 October Donation fraud/legacy fraud
Thursday 25 October Insider fraud
Friday 26 October Moving money safely

Fraud week helpsheets

These short helpsheets will help you understand fraud topics and have useful advice to protect your charity.

Fraud week e-learning videos

Cyber fraud

Cyber fraud (e-learning resource)

Due diligence and partnership working

Due diligence and partnership working (e-learning resource)

Creating a counter fraud framework

Creating a counter fraud framework


Crowdfunding best practice

Insider fraud

Combatting insider fraud


Whistleblowing to the regulators

Banking fraud

Moving money safely: an introduction to bank fraud

Published 1 October 2018
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