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BPS 2015 payments continue to flow to farmers in England

Over £1 billion of Basic Payment Scheme payments have now been made to 66,800 farmers


66,800 farmers in England (77%) had been paid their 2015 Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) payment by the end of January.

The announcement from the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) means that over £1 billion of an estimated total fund of £1.43 billion has now been paid out for 2015.

The RPA has also confirmed timings indicating when they aim to have paid almost all farmers.

RPA Chief Executive Mark Grimshaw said:

I understand how important it is to know more about the timings of payments for farmers who are running a business.

Our aim is to have paid almost all eligible farmers by the end of March with a few thousand of the more complex cases taking slightly longer, as they did under the Single Payment Scheme.

The RPA is working with a range of voluntary organisations to support farmers experiencing hardship. Any farmers wanting help and advice should contact the Rural Payments helpline on 03000 200 301 in the first instance.

To note: The estimated BPS fund value will change as remaining claims are processed and claim values established.

Forestry Commission

In addition, the Forestry Commission (FC) has also paid out over two thirds (70%) of capital payments, totalling £13 million to woodland owners to protect, improve and expand woodlands in England. FC has also paid out over 50% of valid annual claims worth just under £6 million and work is ongoing to pay outstanding valid annual claims as soon as possible.

Published 3 February 2016