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Automatic gravimetric filling instruments technical documents

Proposed amendments to automatic gravimetric filling instruments technical documents.

Collection of International flags

The National Measurement Office (NMO) is looking for any further views from the UK in relation to an amendment to an International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) technical working document: ‘Recommendation 61 (R61) automatic gravimetric filling instruments part 1: metrological and technical requirements; and part 2: metrological controls and performance tests’.

The NMO is the UK participating member of R61 and is responsible for collecting the UK views on proposed amendments to the technical working documents for automatic gravimetric filling instruments.

Read the proposed draft document for automatic gravimetric filling instruments (MS Word Document, 423KB) (part 1 metrological and technical requirements and part 2 metrological controls and performance tests)

Download comments template for proposed changes to the working document (MS Word Document, 28KB) and return by 30 December 2014

All comments made will be collated to form the UK input for this project.

For further information then please contact:

Morayo Awosola

International legal metrology

Tel: +44 (0)20 8943 7287

For more general information about the work of NMO on international legal metrology then read our international guidance page.


OIML is an intergovernmental treaty organisation which:

  • develops model regulations, standards and related documents for use by legal metrology authorities and industry
  • provides mutual recognition systems which reduce trade barriers and costs in a global market
  • represents the interests of the legal metrology community within international organizations and forums concerned with metrology, standardization, testing, certification and accreditation
  • promotes and facilitates the exchange of knowledge and competencies within the legal metrology community worldwide
  • cooperates with other metrology bodies to raise awareness of the contribution that a sound legal metrology infrastructure can make to a modern economy
Published 17 September 2014