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A second letter to UK Nationals living in Cyprus

Latest in a series of letters from High Commissioner Stephen Lillie to UK Nationals living in Cyprus about the UK´s departure from the EU.

Mr Stephen Lillie CMG
British High Commissioner, Mr Stephen Lillie CMG

I last wrote to you in May. Since then, I am pleased to have met some of you during my first months in Cyprus and look forward to meeting more members of our community as I travel further around the island in the autumn.

The autumn will be an important period in the ongoing Brexit negotiations, leading up to the European Council meeting on 18 October. I expect to be able to provide you with more clarity on the rights of UK nationals living in Cyprus as the negotiations progress.

Ahead of that, you will have seen that last week the Government published a series of technical notices on a range of areas, in the unlikely event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit in March 2019. More of these technical notices will be published over the coming weeks.

Let me be clear that the Government does not want or expect a no deal outcome in the negotiations.

However, a responsible government should prepare for all potential outcomes. As such, we are preparing options, as other EU countries and the Commission are doing, for an unlikely no deal scenario. The technical notices provide detailed sector-by-sector information on the actions citizens and businesses should take to sufficiently prepare for a no-deal scenario.

I know that many of you remain concerned by the ongoing uncertainty, but let me encourage you to be patient as the negotiations run their course.

Where to go for further information

We will continue to post important updates on Brexit on our UK in Cyprus Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can also sign up for Brexit related alerts to get the most important Brexit updates direct to your inbox.

In October and November, I will be visiting key towns and cities in Cyprus to meet representatives of British communities and exchange views on any issues of concern you have. More information on dates and locations will be posted on our social media channels soon, so keep following us!

We will also be using these channels to seek your views on issues you may still be confused about relating to Brexit, and how we can help to clarify the official information available.

More general information about living in or moving to Cyprus is available on our Living in Cyprus page.

As previously advised, we recommend that, if you have not already done so, you should register as a resident with the Cypriot authorities. All UK nationals who have been residing in Cyprus for more than 90 days and wish to continue to live here should legalise their status by registering. Further information on how to do this can be found here.

We are working closely with the government of Cyprus to ensure this process runs smoothly.

I look forward to discussing these and many other issues with you in the autumn.

Stephen Lillie

High Commissioner

Published 29 August 2018