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2015 Basic Payment Scheme update

BPS 2015

Rural landscape

Over 72,700 farmers (almost 84% of all eligible claims) have now received their 2015 Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) payments, bringing the total paid out for the 2015 scheme to £1.15 billion.

Farmers have said they would benefit from more certainty regarding when they will receive their payment. Last week the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) started contacting farmers who have not yet received their 2015 BPS payment to provide greater clarity on when they will be paid.

Farmers will receive an email (or letter if they don’t have an email address registered in the Rural Payments service) during March and the RPA aim to have contacted everyone by the end of this month.

Claim statements to support 2015 BPS payments are now being issued every week in batches. Guidance on how 2015 BPS payments are calculated is available on GOV.UK.

The RPA would like to remind people to ensure that their registered email address in the Rural Payments service is correct and if it isn’t to amend it using the service.

Published 18 March 2016