Libraries Taskforce

Implementing the Independent Library Report for England, providing leadership and helping to reinvigorate the public library service.

Role of the Taskforce

The Taskforce’s role is to enable the delivery of the recommendations from the Independent Library Report for England and to build upon and add value to existing good practice, partnerships and other activities that are already supporting public libraries. It also promotes libraries to national and local government and to potential funders, and creates a strong and coherent narrative around the contribution public libraries make to society and to local communities.

The Taskforce reports to ministers via the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and the Local Government Association (LGA).

The priorities for the Libraries Taskforce are:

  • making the case for investment in libraries
  • raising public awareness of what libraries have to offer
  • identifying and showcasing good practice and supporting innovation
  • supporting workforce development
  • supporting development of the digital offer of libraries
  • monitoring and reporting on progress


The members of the Taskforce are:

  • Kim Bromley-Derry, Chief Executive of the London Borough of Newham and Chair of the Libraries Taskforce
  • Kathy Settle, Chief Executive of the Libraries Taskforce
  • Cllr Mike Bell, Member, LGA Culture, Tourism and Sport Board
  • Paul Bristow, Director, Strategic Partnerships, Arts Council England
  • Professor Steven Broomhead, Chief Executive of Warrington Borough Council
  • Neil Churchill, Director of Patient Experience, NHS England
  • Sue Cook, Interim Chief Executive of Suffolk County Council
  • Jane Ellison, Head of Creative Partnerships, BBC
  • Felix Greaves, Deputy Director - Scientific and Strategic Information, Public Health England
  • Roly Keating, Chief Executive of the British Library
  • Polly Hamilton, Assistant Director, Culture, Sport and Tourism: Rotherham Council and Vice-Chair: Chief Cultural & Leisure Officers Association
  • Neil MacInnes, President of the Society of Chief Librarians (and Strategic Lead - Libraries, Galleries and Culture, Manchester City Council)
  • Nick Poole, Chief Executive of CILIP, the library and information association
  • Simon Richardson, Head of Libraries, DCMS
  • Sue Wilkinson, Chief Executive of the Reading Agency
  • Helen Williams/Kate McGavin, Deputy Directors, Art and Culture, DCMS

Taskforce team

The Taskforce team comprises 5 full time staff:

  • chief executive
  • PA and administrative support
  • policy and secretariat manager
  • communications lead
  • programme and project manager


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