Ministerial letters regarding representations made about local library services

Minded to and final decision letters on complaints made to the Secretary of State that a local library authority is failing to carry out its statutory duty

DCMS consideration of representations about local library services

Library authorities in England have a statutory duty under the Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964 to provide a comprehensive and efficient library service. Under the 1964 Act, the Secretary of State also has a statutory duty to superintend, and promote the improvement of, public library services provided by local library authorities in England, and to secure the proper discharge by these authorities of their statutory public libraries functions.

Should the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) receive representations concerning local library service provision, it will consider if these should be treated as a formal complaint in accordance with the 1964 Act. If it is determined to be a formal complaint, DCMS will write to the council to notify them that it is treating representations received as a formal complaint and will request all the relevant information regarding the proposed changes to the library services.

This collection contains the Secretary of State’s ‘minded to’ and final decision letters.

More information about the statutory service provision can be found in Libraries as a statutory service.

Letters sent to local councils

Letters sent to local councils from the Libraries Minister.

Published 13 June 2017