Defence Children Services (DCS)

The DCS Vision is that we Educate the Child – Support the Family – Defend the Nation.

DCS has responsibility for the functions, in support of service families related to education and care, previously undertaken by Defence Children and Young People (DCYP).

DCS is a Defence delivery organisation, subordinated under Army Regional Command. DCS’ function is to support Service children and their Service families with educational needs.

DCS provides a single focus for all issues related to Service children and young people, providing high-quality education at 22 schools and settings in locations around the world. DCS also directly supports Service families, providing advice on a wide range of educational matters both overseas and in the UK, delivered by specialist education and advisory teams.

DCS Schools Map

Information about the Education Advisory Team (UK)

The Education Advisory Team (EAT) (UK), contactable at, is part of DCS. It provides professional information, advice and guidance regarding the education of Service Children in the UK.

EAT also provides advice and guidance for service personnel and eligible MOD civilians regarding education and education-related issues, such as retention of Service Family Accommodation, the Continuity of Education Allowance & the Special Educational Needs Addition, Special Educational Needs and School Admissions.

The team comprises of qualified professional educational advisers, team advisers and administrators.

Information about the Overseas Education and Supportability Team (OEST)

The Overseas Education and Supportability Team (OEST) provides professional information, advice and guidance for service personal and eligible MOD civilians regarding the education of their children in overseas locations. OEST also provides educational advice and support for overseas commands and DCS schools and settings.

This team coordinates the educational supportability assessment process for overseas postings, in respect of children with Special Educational Needs and those for whom parents have selected Elective Home Education.

You can contact the OEST by emailing

Each of these teams consist of qualified professional Education Advisers, Team Advisers and administrators.

Other services provided by DCS

For more information on the services DCS provides, please visit the following pages:

Specialist education and advisory teams: including the Education Advisory Team (EAT) (UK) which provides service families with expert and impartial advice about all aspects of children’s education in the UK and overseas.

Education in the UK for service children: information regarding aspects of education for service children in the UK, this will vary depending on where you live.

Further information

Education overseas for service children: the education provision for service children overseas can be categorised as MOD schools and settings or non-MOD schools locations.

Higher education for service children: information about higher education for service children including funding, applying for university and top tips.

Childcare for service children: information on childcare for service families within the UK and overseas.

Safeguarding for service children: information about the MOD and who you can contact about the safeguarding of service children.

Service Pupil Premium (SPP) is funding that can be received by state schools, academies and free schools in England, which have children of service families in school from reception to year 11. You can find out more on the Service Pupil Premium (SPP) information sheet

A COVID-19 webpage was created for vital information and support for parents.

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