MOD Safeguarding Children Board (SCB)

Information about the Ministry of Defence Safeguarding Children's Board and who you can contact about the safeguarding of service children.

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) Safeguarding Children Board (SCB) is independently chaired and is the lead strategic multi agency body that is responsible for ensuring consistent and rigorous approaches to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of service children, young recruits and cadets.

The purpose of the MOD SCB is to put in place worldwide governance arrangements for safeguarding on behalf of the service community overseas and to ensure that minimum legislative requirements, as set out in UK statutory guidance, are in place. The SCB achieves this through providing the strategic leadership, coordination and advice on policy direction.

Targeted groups

The MOD SCB primarily focuses on those groups of service children and young people (aged 0-18 years old) living in service communities overseas and for whom it has mandated responsibility.

The board also undertakes a ‘champion of the advocate role’ in respect of the following groups:

  • children and young people, aged 0 to 18 years old, who belong to the service community but reside within the UK where the local authority (LA) has the statutory responsibility

  • children and young people, aged 0 to 18 years old, who engage in youth and cadet activities provided by the MOD within the UK and who are not members of the service community

MOD Safeguarding Children’s Board (SCB) membership

Membership is based on the policy guidance set out in the Working together to safeguard children 2015 (WTSC 15) Department for Education (DfE) document, and interpreted to reflect the MOD context.

Membership includes:

  • Director of Directorate of Children and Young People
  • Assistant Head Safeguarding Directorate of Children and Young People
  • Surgeon Generals representative
  • Paediatric/Safeguarding
  • MOD Schools
  • Royal Military Police (RMP)
  • overseas commands (BFG, Fd Army, RC, JFC)
  • Army Legal Service (ALS)
  • Single Service Welfare representative
  • Cadets representative (able to represent all Cadet Forces)
  • Army Recruiting Initial Training Command (ARITC) representative
  • British Forces Social Work Service
  • Soldier Sailors Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA) social work service
  • Core Assets social work service

Focus of the board

  • the development and implementation of its business plan
  • ensuring that effective arrangements are in place to protect children who are suffering, or at risk of suffering significant harm
  • communicating and raising awareness within the MOD of the need to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people
  • responding to issues arising at command, local children’s safeguarding boards or safeguard vommittee level
  • responding to the recommendations from serious case reviews (SCRs) and practice audits ensuring they are consistently communicated across all Commands and the agreed actions implemented and monitored
  • ensuring that the training needs of people who work with children, or in services which affect the safety and welfare of children are met to at least the minimum standards
  • ensuring that the recruitment of important personnel at local level, who engage in safeguarding business with children, complies with safer recruitment requirements and at least meets minimum standards
  • developing a strategic level interface with Department for Education (DfE) and developed governments in order to promote the needs of service children and cadets
  • reviewing the finding of reports concerning the deaths of service children and young people and acting upon lessons identified
  • keeping abreast of emerging and amended UK legislation and amending MOD policies and practices, as relevant to the overseas context, in line with these changes

Contact us

The MOD Safeguarding team can be contacted on 01980 618 796.

Alternatively, if as a service parent, you have any safeguarding concerns about your child and after checking with your child’s school setting would like any further support, advice and guidance, then you may wish to contact the Children’s Education Advisory Service (CEAS) team on or by phone on 01980 618244.