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Review of monopoly remedies put in place before 1 January 2005

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Update 10 August 2017

Since this consultation has completed, the CMA has carried out the following:

  • A review of the Performing Right Society Undertakings given in 1997 – from 20 November 2015 to 24 May 2016, with the undertakings released on 24 May 2016.
  • Launched a review of the Structural Warranty Services Undertakings given by the National House Building Council given in 1995 – this review is ongoing at present.
  • Provided a factual statement regarding the scope of the Impulse Ice Cream Undertakings given by Birds Eye Walls Ltd, Nestle UK Ltd and Mars UK Ltd on 10 August 2017 – this statement was:

[C]oncerning the undertakings provided in 2000 by each of Birds Eye Walls Ltd, Nestlé UK Ltd and Mars UK Ltd following the Competition Commission’s report on impulse ice cream, the CMA has confirmed that the ice cream businesses operated by Unilever, Froneri and Mars are not bound by such undertakings, on the basis that the signatory parties to the Undertakings are no longer the legal entities that control or own the applicable businesses.

The CMA intends to continue to reach decisions to launch further remedy reviews on an ongoing basis in light of prioritisation assessments and resource availability.

Original consultation


The CMA consulted on whether to review monopoly remedies put in place before 2005.

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Consultation description

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is consulting on whether to review some or all of 13 sets of monopoly remedies put in place to remedy competition concerns.

The CMA considers that there may have been developments since the remedies were put in place which may lead to a realistic prospect of finding a change of circumstances relevant to these remedies.

We’re inviting interested parties to comment on whether these reviews should take place and to submit any evidence indicating for which remedies a change of circumstances has occurred.

The decision on whether to proceed with these reviews is due in autumn 2015.


Invitation to comment

Published 14 July 2015