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Proposed statutory guidance for streetworks inspections: coring

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Original consultation

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Seeks views on new statutory guidance for 'coring' during streetworks inspections.


Consultation description

The street authority (county or unitary councils) has the power under section 72(1) of the 1991 New Roads and Street Works Act to carry out ‘investigatory works’ such as:

  • coring
  • measurement of texture depth
  • material sampling

to determine whether an undertaker (mostly utility companies) has complied with its duties to reinstate the highway to the required standard.

Following changes to the law, the statutory aspects of the current code of practice for inspections will become statutory guidance.

The Department for Transport is working with the Highway Authorities and Utilities Committee (HAUC) Inspections Working Group to prepare this draft statutory guidance. The work is expected to be completed over 2016.

This consultation relates to the first element of this work - the proposed new statutory guidance on ‘coring’.