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Oxycodone import policy

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This document summarises the responses to the consultation paper. It covers the background to the consultation, a summary of the responses and the next steps following this consultation.

Original consultation


This consultation contains proposals to amend the Home Office’s policy for the licensing of imports of the opioid oxycodone in the UK.

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Consultation description

The Home Office regulates the import of oxycodone under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. It does so because of the very serious harm misuse of this controlled drug can cause to individuals and society.

The Home Office’s policy on imports of oxycodone was originally to restrict imports from outside the EEA. In 2008, the Home Office amended that policy to allow oxycodone imports from outside the EEA, provided that all imports were re-exported. In 2009, the Home Office took a decision to revert to the previous policy because it was considered that import for re-export posed an unacceptable risk to the UK’s access to diamorphine.

The need to formalise or change this situation informed the Home Office’s first consultation, between November 2009 and February 2010. Building on the responses to the first consultation, the Home Office has identified two additional proposals (options 6 and 7 in the current consultation). The Home Office has also included an option which would maintain the current situation.

This consultation contains proposals to amend the Home Office’s policy for the licensing of imports of oxycodone in the UK. It seeks views on whether the proposals are clear, fair and reasonable and aims to generate an understanding of the potential impact of the proposals on all affected parties.

How to respond

You can respond using the online version of this consultation.

Alternatively, you can send your answers to the questions, together with any other comments, by email to: - no later than Thursday, 20 November 2014.


Oxycodone import policy

Published 25 September 2014
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