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Consultation on the general qualifications alternative awarding framework

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Detail of outcome

We have published an analysis of responses we received to the technical consultation and now set out the decisions we have made about the:

In summary, we have decided to set and publish the GQAA framework largely as set out in the consultation. The small amendments we have made are described in this decisions document, which also describes the changes we have made to the documents ‘Submission of teacher assessed grades, summer 2021: info for teachers’ and ‘Information for centres about making objective judgements ’ following the technical consultation.

Feedback received

Detail of feedback received

We received 242 responses to the consultation including one that did not use the standard response form. This was a public consultation on the views of those who wished to participate. We recognise that the responses are not necessarily representative of the general public or any specific group.

Respondents were invited to confine their responses to this consultation to the proposed framing of the conditions and requirements, as well as the draft centre guidance and draft objectivity guidance. We read all responses in full but have not included in our analysis any responses which concerned only the underpinning policy decisions, which are now settled.

Many of the responses to this consultation raised concerns with the policy decisions that have been taken in relation to private candidates and/or the details of delivering those arrangements. All responses have been read and the concerns raised have been noted. Responses related to matters that lie outside of the remit of this consultation are not included in this report.

Original consultation


Technical consultation on Conditions and Requirements for GCSE, GCE, AEA and Project qualifications in summer 2021.

This consultation ran from

Consultation description

Proposals at a glance

We must set a framework of conditions and requirements to require awarding organisations to deliver and award qualifications in accordance with the latest policy decisions. We announced these policy decisions following our joint consultation with the Department for Education in respect of the awarding of GCSE, AS and A level qualifications in summer 2021.

This consultation explains the conditions and requirements we propose to set, and incorporates two further draft documents which we intend to publish to support centres (the ‘centre guidance’ and the ‘objectivity guidance’ ). We are seeking views on the proposed framework of conditions and requirements, the proposed ‘centre guidance’ and the proposed ‘objectivity guidance’. We are not seeking views on the underlying policy decisions, which we explained in our analysis and decisions documents.


This consultation is open to anyone who may wish to make representation but may be of most interest to awarding organisations, teachers, schools, colleges and others who deliver qualifications, as well as students and their parents and carers.

We received over 100,000 responses to our policy consultation, conducted jointly with DfE, which expressed a wide range of views on the options and proposals we put forward. We recognise, therefore, that some potential respondents to this consultation will disagree with the policy decisions which the draft conditions and requirements reflect. We would invite respondents to confine responses to this consultation to the proposed framing of the conditions and requirements, as well as the draft centre guidance. We will read all responses to this consultation, but will not include in our analysis any responses which concern only the underpinning policy decisions, which are now settled.


Published 25 February 2021
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