Women on boards reports

This collection brings together all documents relating to women on boards.

Reports on the measures in Lord Davies ‘Women on boards review’ published in February 2011.

The review:

  • identified barriers preventing more women reaching the boardroom
  • made recommendations on what government and business could do to increase the proportion of women on corporate boards

The Women on Boards steering board meets every 6 months to consider progress against these measures and reports annually to assess whether sufficient progress is being made.


  1. FTSE women leaders: Hampton-Alexander review

    • Independent report
  2. Women on boards: 5 year summary (Davies review)

    • Research and analysis
  3. Women on boards: executive search firms signed up to the code of conduct

    • Transparency data
  4. Women on boards 2015: fourth annual review

    • Policy paper
  5. Inspirational women in business

    • Guidance
  6. Women on boards: 6 month monitoring report - October 2014

    • Research and analysis
  7. Executive search firms: enhanced code of conduct - accreditation process

    • Policy paper
  8. Standard voluntary code of conduct: executive search firms

    • Guidance
  9. Women on boards 2014: third annual review

    • Policy paper
  10. Women on boards: voluntary code for executive search firms

    • Independent report
  11. Women on boards 2013: second annual review

    • Policy paper
  12. Women on boards 2012: first annual review

    • Policy paper
  13. Women on boards: six month monitoring report, October 2011

    • Policy paper
  14. Women on boards: review

    • Policy paper
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