Weights and measures regulations guidance

Guidance for inspectors and manufacturers of weights and measures equipment.

These equipment guidance notes are regulated under the Weights and Measures Act 1985 and the European Communities Act 1972.

In the case of weights and measures, consumers have no way of verifying the quantity of product they have purchased, such as the weight of some purchased vegetables or the volume of fuel put into a motor vehicle. The current legal protections ensure that the goods offered for sale by quantity can be trusted because the amount has been determined by a legally controlled (prescribed) measuring instrument, independently monitored according to risk by local enforcement authorities. By regulating measuring instruments used for trade, both consumers and business can be confident the quantity declared is accurate.

The Measuring Instruments Regulations 2016 and The Non-automatic Weighing Instruments Regulations 2016 came into force on 28 December 2016 under the New Legislative Framework (NLF), a common set of principles developed to improve the European internal market. The regulations focus on making procedures more consistent. The existing technical requirements are unchanged, so these equipment guidance notes remain relevant.

The Office for Product Safety and Standards issued guidance under the NLF in August 2017. Read the specific guidance on the provisions introduced by the NLF for the Measuring Instruments Regulations 2016 and the Non-automatic Weighing Instruments Regulations 2016.

Previous versions of these guidance notes can be located on The National Archives.

Weights and measures equipment regulation guidance

Weights and measures equipment guidance notes issued by the National Measurement Office

  1. Approved verification: weights and measures law
  2. Automatic catchweighers
  3. Automatic gravimetric filling instruments
  4. Automatic rail-weighbridges weights and measures
  5. Beltweighers weights and measures
  6. Capacity serving measures
  7. Cold water meters equipment
  8. Discontinuous totalisers equipment
  9. Intoxicating liquor equipment
  10. Liquid fuel and lubricants
  11. Fuel forecourt installations
  12. Material measures of length
  13. Flow measuring instruments
  14. Non-automatic weighing instruments
  15. Non-prescribed weights and measures instruments
  16. Road tankers weights and measures
  17. Standard temperature accounting: weights and measures
Published 28 February 2014
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