Vehicles statistics

Statistics and data about the number of licensed vehicles, new vehicle registrations and roadworthiness testing (including MOTs).

Latest vehicle licensing statistics

  1. Vehicle licensing statistics: 2018

Vehicle licensing data tables

Data are updated on an annual basis in April, with a subset of key tables published quarterly in June, September and December.

  1. All vehicles (VEH01)
  2. Cars (VEH02)
  3. Motorcycles (VEH03)
  4. Light Goods Vehicles (VEH04)
  5. Heavy Goods Vehicles (VEH05)
  6. Buses and coaches (VEH06)
  7. Vehicles and drivers tables index

Vehicle licensing statistics

Statistics on the number of licensed vehicles and new vehicle registrations derived from data held by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), which administers vehicle registration and licensing records in the United Kingdom. The information is broken down by the type of vehicle, the characteristics of vehicles and a geographic breakdown.

Guidance on current and previous vehicle licensing statistics are available.

  1. Vehicle licensing statistics: July to September 2018
  2. Vehicle licensing statistics: April to June 2018
  3. Vehicle licensing statistics: January to March 2018
  4. Vehicle licensing statistics: 2017

Vehicle excise duty evasion statistics

Statistics on the number of unlicensed vehicles ‘in traffic’ and ‘in stock’, as well as their characteristics and the lost revenues through vehicle excise duty evasion. Based on a roadside survey, which since 2011 has been carried out every 2 years.

Guidance on current and previous vehicle excise duty evasion statistics are available.

  1. Vehicle Excise Duty evasion statistics: 2017
  2. Vehicle excise duty evasion statistics: 2015
  3. Vehicle excise duty evasion statistics (VED)

Vehicle roadworthiness testing statistics

Statistics relating to the roadworthiness testing system (including MOTs) from data held by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), which administers the testing system in Great Britain, and survey based estimates of MOT non-compliance published in 2009.

  1. Experimental statistics - MOT tests (VEH09)
  2. Vehicle MOT non-compliance statistics 2007 and 2008

About the vehicle statistics data and reports

All of the statistics published, apart from vehicle roadworthiness testing statistics, are National Statistics. The vehicle statistics were assessed by the UK Statistics Authority and confirmed as National Statistics in April 2012.

Statistics relating to roadworthiness testing are official statistics.

  1. Vehicles statistics information
  2. Vehicles statistics: pre-release access
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