Vehicle safety standards information sheets

Guidance on the required standards for vehicle safety, construction and use.

Information sheets providing general guidance and advice on the legislative requirements in the UK for vehicle safety standards.

Information sheets

  1. A-frames
  2. Aftermarket HID headlamps
  3. Agricultural vehicles with dangerous attachments
  4. American caravan and trailer safety standards
  5. Bull bars: safety standards
  6. Carrying passengers in horseboxes
  7. Compressed natural gas vehicles: ownership and use
  8. Construction requirements for motor caravans
  9. Internal features for motor caravans
  10. Converting a van to carry passengers
  11. Daytime running lights
  12. Diesel particulate filters on vehicles
  13. Driving campervans with passengers
  14. Engineering plant vehicles on public roads
  15. Electrically assisted pedal cycles
  16. Extending a vehicle behind its rear axle
  17. Mascots and flags on motor vehicles
  18. Heavy goods vehicles: safety railings
  19. Heavy goods vehicles: weight limits
  20. Horse-drawn vehicles: code of practice
  21. How to safely transport items on top of vehicles
  22. Hydrogen-powered vehicles
  23. Powered transporters
  24. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) vehicles: owning and using
  25. Liquified natural gas (LNG) vehicles
  26. Maximum length of vehicles used in Great Britain
  27. Maximum number of trailers
  28. Mini scooters
  29. Modifying your vehicle’s emissions
  30. Motorcycle helmets, visors and goggles: safety advice
  31. Overhanging loads on vehicles
  32. Pedal cycles: lighting
  33. Prototype vehicles
  34. Rear-view mirrors on motor vehicles
  35. Seat belts in cars and dual purpose vehicles
  36. Seat belts in goods vehicles
  37. Seat belts in minibuses, coaches and other buses
  38. Seat belts in urban buses
  39. Stickers or other items on vehicle windscreens
  40. Towing a trailer with a car or van
  41. Tractors: regulations on use
  42. Unimogs
  43. Urban buses on motorways
  44. Windscreen wipers and washers on road vehicles
  45. Works trucks
Published 5 March 2015
Last updated 12 October 2017 + show all updates
  1. 'Maximum length of vehicles used in Great Britain' information sheet published

  2. Vehicle safety standards information sheet for cars and vans towing trailers.

  3. New information sheet on powered transporters.

  4. Prototype vehicles information sheet updated.

  5. First published.