Risk assessments for specific activities: environmental permits

Guidance on additional risk assessments you will need to do for an environmental permit and information about the H1 software tool.

Risk assessments for your environmental permit

Operators applying for a permit will need to read the generic guidance ‘Risk assessments for your environmental permit’.

There are also additional risk assessments you must do depending on:

  • the activity your bespoke permit relates to
  • where substances are released or discharged into the environment

H1 software tool

You can use the Environment Agency’s risk assessment tool to complete and submit any assessment of risks for your specific activity, except for assessing risks for intensive farming.

The tool:

  • includes instructions on how to develop risk assessments
  • does calculations required for your risk assessment and screens out insignificant releases
  • presents data so that the Environment Agency can assess it properly

For a copy of the H1 software tool and user guide, email the Environment Agency at This tool uses Microsoft Access.

Air emissions


Surface water pollution

Waste recovery or disposal

Published 2 February 2016