CST reports on science and technology

The Council for Science and Technology (CST) reports to the Prime Minister on science, engineering, technology and mathematics.

You can find previous reports in the UK Government Web Archive.


  1. Harnessing technology to meet increasing care needs
  2. Science and technology for economic benefit across the UK
  3. Advice on the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund
  4. Industrial Strategy: important questions to address
  5. Science and technology in the new government’s programme - July 2016
  6. Improving entrepreneurship education
  7. Robotics, automation and artificial intelligence
  8. Driverless vehicles: opportunities for the UK
  9. Genetic modification (GM) technologies
  10. New A level requirements consultation: CST response
  11. Electricity capacity margin
  12. Electricity capacity margin report
  13. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics education: update
  14. The age of algorithms
  15. Funding for scientific research and innovation
  16. Smart grids
  17. Doctors' training and education
  18. Scientific research and industrial strategy
  19. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics education
  20. Government procurement reform
  21. Science into growth: international comparisons
  22. Increasing innovation and lowering costs in the NHS
  23. Digital infrastructure
  24. Science and technology in the 2010 Spending Review
  25. Science and research: budget allocations
  26. Scientific research spending and the 2010 Spending Review
  27. Recommendations on the Science Spending Review
  28. A vision for UK research
Published 17 October 2013
Last updated 14 December 2017 + show all updates
  1. Added letter on harnessing technology to meet increasing case needs.
  2. Added 2 letters.
  3. Added new letter on industrial strategy.
  4. Added letter on science and technology in the new government's programme.
  5. Added letter on strengthening entrepreneurship education.
  6. Added letter on 'Robotics, automation and artificial intelligence'.
  7. Driverless vehicles letter added.
  8. CST response to Ofqual consultation on A levels added.
  9. First published.