Refusals (entry clearance guidance)

This collection brings together the guidance on handling entry clearances and visa applications used by UK Visas and Immigration.

This page contains guidance about how the UK Visas and Immigration handles entry clearances and visa applications made outside the UK.


  1. Refusing an applicant: RFL01
  2. General grounds for refusals: RFL03
  3. Deception in an application: RFL04, paragraph 320(7A)
  4. Immigration offender: RFL05, paragraph 320(7B) and A320
  5. EEA family permits: RFL06
  6. Frustrating the intentions of the Immigration Rules: RFL07, paragraph 320(11)
  7. Secretary of state directed refusal for the public good, paragraph 320(6): RFL08
  8. When can I refuse on character, conduct or associations?: RFL09, paragraph 320(19)
  9. Biometric hits and refusals: RFL11
  10. IDENT1 hits and refusals: RFL12
  11. Release of case notes: RFL14
  12. Representations by applicants or sponsors post refusal: RFL15
  13. Monitoring refusals - the chief inspector: RFL16
  14. Deception in visa application flowchart
  15. Document examination report template
  16. Document verification report: completed example
  17. Document verification report template
Published 17 December 2013