Recovery, remediation and environmental decontamination

Resources for the management of chemical, radiation and biological incidents, including UK recovery handbooks.

UK recovery handbooks

The UK recovery handbooks provide:

  • a decision making framework for choosing an effective recovery strategy following a chemical, radiation or biological incident
  • a compendium of practicable, evidence-based recovery options to assist with the remediation of environmental contamination



Published 8 August 2013
Last updated 26 May 2016 + show all updates
  1. Added radiation recovery tool user guide.

  2. Updated with 'Chemical recovery guidance and tools: user guide'.

  3. Added new tools and forms for chemical and radiation incidents.

  4. Added UK recovery handbook for biological incidents.

  5. Added radiation recovery form.

  6. Added 'Chemical and radiation incidents: recovery factsheet'.

  7. Added 'Chemical and radiation incidents: recovery handbooks and tools'.

  8. Added recovery navigation tool and assocated forms.

  9. First published.