Overseas pension schemes

Information for managers and members of overseas pension schemes.

Important changes

These are the most important changes affecting overseas pensions.

You can also find all the latest changes that affect UK and overseas pensions.

Managing an overseas pension scheme

Pension scheme members


Forms and reference material

  1. Pension schemes: scheme member to both transferring and receiving scheme (APSS241)
  2. Pension schemes: overseas transfer charge scheme administrator repayment claim (APSS242)
  3. Pension schemes: overseas transfer charge scheme manager repayment claim (APSS243)
  4. Pension schemes: scheme manager notification of change of member's circumstance (APSS244)
  5. Pension schemes: member information for the overseas scheme manager (APSS255)
  6. Pension schemes: request to pay a member's annual allowance charge (APSS210)
  7. Pension schemes: Overseas pension scheme notification (APSS 250)
  8. Pension schemes: Recognised overseas pension scheme notification (APSS251)
  9. Pension schemes: change of details (APSS251A)
  10. Pension schemes: change in status and notification of fund value (APSS251B)
  11. Pension schemes: report of Benefit Crystallisation Events (APSS 252)
  12. Pension schemes: payments in respect of relevant members (APSS253)
  13. Pension schemes: election for a deemed Benefit Crystallisation Event (APSS 254)
  14. Pension schemes: transferring UK tax-relieved pension assets (APSS262)
  15. Pension schemes: member information (APSS263)
  16. Contracted-out pension schemes: termination or change of responsibility to an overseas scheme (CA1890)
Published 20 October 2016