Other cross-cutting guidance (modernised guidance)

This collection brings together the modernised guidance about cross-cutting applications used by UK Visas and Immigration.

This collections contains instructions on cross-cutting information and processes.


  1. 3C and 3D leave
  2. Administrative review
  3. Alvi judgement
  4. Applications from overstayers (non family routes)
  5. DNA policy
  6. Document verification checks
  7. Human rights claims on medical grounds
  8. Indefinite leave to remain: calculating continuous period in UK
  9. International travel bans
  10. Discretionary leave for victims of modern slavery
  11. Knowledge of language and life in the UK
  12. Leave outside the Immigration Rules
  13. Litigation debt
  14. Online payments
  15. Points-based system: evidential flexibility
  16. Police registration
  17. Public funds
  18. Reconsiderations
  19. Retaining valuable documents
  20. Returning residents
  21. Transfer or refer a case
  22. Victims of modern slavery
  23. Victims of human trafficking: competent authority guidance
Published 29 November 2013
Last updated 8 November 2018 + show all updates
  1. New DNA policy guidance added.
  2. New guidance on returning residents added.
  3. Added guidance on leave outside the Immigration Rules.
  4. Added a new guidance page to the collection: Interim operation guidance: discretionary leave for victims of modern slavery.
  5. New guidance on international travel bans.
  6. 'Document verification checks' guidance added.
  7. New litigation debt guidance.
  8. added 'Post incident management' to collection
  9. New modernised guidance on administrative review.
  10. First published.