Niteworks was established by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to provide a commercially neutral environment in which to address complex Defence challenges through a partnership between MOD, industry and academia.


The DE&S Future Capability Group is pleased to announce that an amendment has been placed with the DE&S Engineering Delivery Partner; Aurora Engineering Partnership (AEP) to deliver a replacement to the former Niteworks Contract, this will go live on 1 April 2021.

The new service will be delivered under the name Futures Lab, powered by EDP, with the AEP working in collaboration with FCG to maximise innovation and exploitation of new technologies and capabilities.

For more information please visit the Qinetiq: Aurora Engineering Partnership.

Niteworks 3 contract ends

The Niteworks 3 contract ceased in accordance with the original contract timetable on 31 March 2018. As a consequence we will no longer be processing any new applications for the Niteworks 3 partnership.

The MOD remains fully committed to the benefits of the Niteworks partnership and the pan-industry approach. The requirement for a Niteworks (Replacement) has been endorsed by the Front Line Commands and Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) is working to deliver a successor core service as soon as possible, although this will be later in the financial year.

The Niteworks (Replacement) project was notified in the Defence Bulletin Contract Notice in November 2017, along with an industry briefing day on 25 January 2018. The MOD will be maintaining on-going engagement across the Niteworks partnership until the Niteworks (Replacement) project is in place. Should you wish to express an interest in joining the partnership at any subsequent opportunity please contact

What we do

Niteworks is a cost effective, impartial, sustainable and responsive evidence based support capability drawing together a broad spectrum of knowledge and expertise from industry, the MOD and academia in a collaborative environment to analyse and address security and defence issues. This could include but may not be limited to concept demonstration, experimentation, impartial perspectives into capability decisions, requirements de-risking and shaping and informing decisions across the defence lines of development (DLOD).

Contact Us

If you have any questions or queries you can contact us by email at, when emailing please identify whether your query is regarding Niteworks 3 or Niteworks Replacement.

Niteworks Replacement

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Published 28 March 2018
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