Newborn hearing screening: supporting publications

Information to support health professionals who provide the NHS newborn hearing screening programme (NHSP).

These documents provide clinical guidance and information for health professionals providing the NHS newborn hearing screening programme (NHSP), and leaflets to provide and discuss with parents.

Care pathways

See the typical care pathways for newborns screened by the NHS newborn hearing screening programme (NHSP). There are different protocols for well babies, and for those who have spent over 48 hours in SCBU or NICU.

Service specifications

Newborn hearing screening professionals must use the national service specifications, in conjunction with these documents, to ensure service consistency in England.


The national quality assurance team uses key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the performance of the antenatal and newborn screening programmes. Following the KPIs and standards for each programme ensures that all women and newborns receive an equitable screening experience.

Programme guidance

Clinical guidance

Leaflets and translations

Translations, where available, can be downloaded alongside the English leaflets from the pages below. Screening Tests For You and Your Baby is available in easy read and 10 languages.


  1. Newborn hearing screening: making sounds checklist
  2. Newborn hearing screening: reacting to sounds checklist
Published 1 April 2013